Mission Statement

"LILAC is a group of concerned members of labor unions from a variety of fields, inclusive of representatives of government and business.

LILAC's mission is to examine and develop progressive initiatives, proposals and/or solutions in areas affecting workers' rights, wages, health and safety, and to help create fair competition for legitimate employers who abide by all federal, state and local laws pertaining to these areas in order to foster sustainable economic development and the preservation of area standard wages, benefits and way of life for the middle and working classes, contractors, service providers and residents of Long Island, as well as, reverse the negative impact of criminal enterprises involved in circumvention of fair labor standards.

By doing these things, the members of LILAC believe that the taxes and fees all citizens pay will be reduced, and the drain upon those citizens resulting from the underground economy, will be eliminated. The panel serves in an advisory capacity to federal, state, county and local law makers regarding these issues and others, and is also a sounding board for developing an emphasis for the creation and adoption of labor legislation specific to the Council's cause."